Sharp family photos

John SHARP and family in the mid 1980s
STOCKs and SHARPs in 1933

‘Grandad’ in the second picture is Henry William STOCK. His son-in-law, Ernest Albert SHARP,standing, far right, is the photographer. The little girl sitting on her Granddad’s lap is my mum, Norah Rosemary THOMAS and her cousin seated in front, third from the right, is my dad, John Ernest SHARP. These two are the grandparents in the middle of the top picture.


The centrality of the STOCK line

As revealed in the introduction posted last week, my paternal grandfather was Ernest Albert SHARP. My maternal grandfather was Edwin Charles THOMAS but both my grandmothers came from the STOCK family.
Stock line
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Ernest Albert SHARP
John Ernest SHARP
Rosalie SHARP
Daisy Agnes STOCK
Norah Ada STOCK
Edwin Charles THOMAS
Norah Rosemary THOMAS
Henry William STOCK
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John Barrie STOCK
Jeremy Richard STOCK
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