The project

I’ve always been interested in relationships; relationships between things, ideas and people.
I clearly remember a conversation with Mum when I was about five or six years old and great sense of enlightenment when I realised that Nan was her mother and my uncle her brother. That moment has to be the true beginning of this family tree project.
As a teenager I was inspired by a friend’s beautifully drawn scroll-like family tree and spent ages copying entries from the family Bible and pestering Nan for as much detail as she could remember about various aunts, uncles and in-laws.
1995 saw the beginning of what started off as a more organised, if over ambitious, attempt to catalogue the entire family. It soon became apparent that our family was too big and complicated to be neatly parcelled up in a ring-binder.
It’s a moot point whether the advent of computer programs, email and online genealogy forums actually helped to manage things or just gave the project an even greater ability to  ‘grow like Topsy’!
Over a decade ago I started posting information on a primitive homemade website but ran into problems and didn’t get very far. So this is my latest attempt at sharing information with all those many distant and not so distant cousins who share some of my ancestors.
The big advantage of this format is that it is easy for you all to join in by simply leaving comments.


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