My beautiful granddaughter

An added incentive to get on with this project – in some ways she is so like her dad at that age but no-one on our side of the family has eyes like that. She must definitely have her mum to thank for those wonderful eyes.






Embroidered Family Tree

My Mum embroidered this for me and it still hangs on the wall as it has for many years now.

She knew I was interested in researching the family tree and had made various lists of ancestors but how to fit them into a design of this sort? So she settled for initials representing my three sons plus their parents and grandparents.

People sometimes ask me about those ten empty circles, but how would you ever allocate them?

Sharp family photos

John SHARP and family in the mid 1980s
STOCKs and SHARPs in 1933

‘Grandad’ in the second picture is Henry William STOCK. His son-in-law, Ernest Albert SHARP,standing, far right, is the photographer. The little girl sitting on her Granddad’s lap is my mum, Norah Rosemary THOMAS and her cousin seated in front, third from the right, is my dad, John Ernest SHARP. These two are the grandparents in the middle of the top picture.

An interactive tree

I have now loaded the GEDCOM file from 2006 into PhpGedView which can be viewed here.

I don’t think the trees look as pretty as the old yellow ones but from a functionality point of view it comes closer to realising the original aim of the project of including everyone.
If you are in anyway related to me you should be able to find your name and then you can construct various charts, lists etc or extract sections that are relevant to add to your own tree.
There are currently 654 individuals in the data base and I have more to add. But if you are on here and have close relatives or ancestors who are not so far included then you can add them.

Ernest Albert SHARP

It is difficult to know where to go next in posting this project. The STOCK section in my ring binder took  a huge detour round a family of long lost cousins before going back to earlier generations. The order in which I unearthed information was something like a detective story at the time but is hardly relevant all these years later.

Daisy & Granddad

So, this week I will introduce my paternal grandfather Ernest Albert SHARP who linked the SHARP family to the STOCK family when he married Daisy Agnes STOCK on 3 January 1927.

One of my early ports of call in researching the SHARP branch of the family was my Aunt Sylvia, Granddad’s daughter¬† from an earlier marriage. She has since collaborated with Frenchay Museum who have a page on their website devoted to Granddad.

The centrality of the STOCK line

As revealed in the introduction posted last week, my paternal grandfather was Ernest Albert SHARP. My maternal grandfather was Edwin Charles THOMAS but both my grandmothers came from the STOCK family.
Stock line
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Christopher Giles STOCK

Who am I?

As today would have been my Mother’s 85th birthday it seems an appropriate and significant day to make the first post on this new site. So here is my original introduction from 1995.

Who am I Who am I 2
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